Wednesday, December 7, 2011


“Caulking is one of several different processes to seal joints or seams in various structures and certain types of piping. The oldest form of caulking is used to make the seams in wooden boats or ships watertight, by driving fibrous materials into the wedge-shaped seams between planks” 1

The Importance of caulking is often overlooked when it comes to building maintenance. Caulking is more than just a purely cosmetic method to correct or finish imperfections in wood, metal and other common materials. Caulking prevents water, dirt and insects from penetrating the exterior building envelope causing structural damage or infestation. It can also make homes more energy efficient by preventing drafts, and heat loss. In short, it can solve many problems that are routinely encountered by the average home-owner.

Properly sealing windows, door frames, cracks, taps and electrical outlets will prevent water damage and mold between the walls of the house. Very small breaks in old caulking anywhere on the exterior of a building can cause a leak that may go unnoticed for years. If left unchecked, poor caulking and tiny leaks can lead to very costly repairs. Since building materials contract and expand with changes in temperature and humidity, annual inspections and repair (if required) of exterior caulking is recommended. A 5 dollar tube of sealant can prevent thousands of dollars worth in repairs a few years down the road

It is important to use proper sealant according to material being caulked; exposure to water, humidity, temperature makes a difference as well. Premium sealants and caulks are recommended.

Eco-Green Power Washing and Restorations can provide professional caulking and sealing services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. We provide detailed caulking inspections, new construction interior and exterior caulking, caulking replacement and repair services. We are covered by 5M Liability Insurance and our employees are covered by WorksafeBC. For more information or to inquire about an estimate please refer to our website or call 604-484-8465.

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